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Here are some sites I've designed along with some short commentary.

The Transcript Online The Transcript Online
The Transcript is Ohio Wesleyan University's weekly student paper. I created the entire site design and currently manage and update the site. It's the oldest independent student paper in the nation, so my challenge was to create a dynamic, contemporary design that echos print journalism and gives and impression of credibility. I think that for the most part I've succeeded. I decided to let a color photo lead the homepage and provide top headlines and summaries as a link to the front page of a newspaper. With my first design I created section fronts for sports, entertainment, etc., but because it's such a small paper I decided to keep all the sections on the homepage. I also made the decision to keep ads off the first screen, though this may change as The Transcript comes to expect the online site to make some money.

The Shrubbery The Shrubbery is an online humor magazine created by Jessica Brandt and myself. The design you see to the left represents my last complete design effort; since then Jessica has changed some elements. Here I needed to create an inviting design that reflected the site's tone-irreverent, fun, but not silly. I think the way I divided sections was particularly successful and the use of a few, small graphic elements made the page interesting without upping load time. The Shrub is currently on hiatus.

WSLN WSLN is Ohio Wesleyan's radio station. I created the site and put the low-power station online with RealServer and then SHOUTCast and added a webcam for interactivity and security. I decided to make the site design itself pretty plain in order to direct people quickly to the broadcast-ease-of-use was more important than design clutter. It has a sort of understated coolness to it.

The House of Spirituality The House of Spirituality is a small living unit at OWU. Besides describing the house's mission and giving each member their own page (people love it), the idea was to create a place for house members past and present to keep in touch. The message board, which should be up and running soon, is a perfect way to do this. The design reflects the interfaith nature of the house; I've used Tibetan mandala, an Aztec calendar, a star of David, statues of Jesus and Buddha, stained glass windows, and more throughout the site.

Jason's Sim City Archive This is actually a redesign of my first web site, Jason's Sim City Archive. I created the first version back in high school and it's so well visited that I decided to update it. The design uses buildings I created as design elements and juxtaposes the Sim City 2000 dirt grid in a dynamic semicircle. Despite the big design elements it loads quickly. Please excuse the ugliness of the ad to the left; it does make a little money once and a while.

OWU Math/Computer Science Department Ohio Wesleyan University's Math/Computer Science Department wanted a very simple page that integrated the image on the right. I created the banners and buttons and updated the site in general.

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