Searching for Internet addiction at Ohio Wesleyan

By Jason Morrison

This article was written as part of a computer aided reporting project for Advanced Newswriting and Reporting at Ohio Wesleyan University. The final version was finished Aril 24, 2000. Click here to read the article.


David Greenfield
The Center for Internet Studies &
Psychological Health Associates, LLC
345 North Main Street, Suite 302
W. Hartford, CT 06117
Contacted 15 Feb 2000, 16 Feb 2000, and 31 Mar 2000.

Lynda Hall
Phillips Hall 52A
Contacted 08 Feb 2000, 02 Mar 2000, 29 Mar 2000, and 30 Mar 2000.

Richard Leavy
Phillips Hall 52G
Contacted 23 Feb 2000, 31 Mar 2000, 06 Apr 2000.

Jason LaMar
Contacted 31 Mar 2000.

Cari McDonald
Last contacted 23 Apr 2000.

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Copyright 2000 Jason Morrison