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If you are reading this, you have found my personal web site.  Notice the word “personal” – nothing written or otherwise expressed here should be taken to represent my current employer (Google), any previous employers (AT&T, etc.), or any organizations I might happen to be consulting.  Even though I write about technical subjects and research interests here, I take care to make sure that everything here is done outside of work on my own dime.

Yes, I work for Google.  Google has a lot of great products, some of which I may mention in passing.  You can be absolutely sure that any time I mention a Google product I’ll only be talking about publicly-available features and capabilities.  No secrets to be found here.  Wow, my feed subscribers counter just dropped in half!

Also, if you have a question about a Google product, please check out the Support Page or the many helpful Google user groups.

Finally, one last thing: the End User License Agreement or EULA.  I’m sure you have seen these before – it’s that long page of legalese that pops up every time you install software, join a website, etc.  Mine is not very long.

By reading or viewing any portion of this site, you hereby agree to release the author from any liability whatsoever.  You acknowlege that this is just a blog, so seriously, you can’t expect to find any wisdom, objectivity, or even accuracy within.  You also admit that the author is a master of complicated rhetorical tools such as satire and irony and therefore not a single word can be taken at face value, except the words in this EULA, which are just as binding as any other EULA anyone else has ever created.

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