Why don’t I see any Jason Morrisons listed?

I just started the project today…  I didn’t want to add myself as the first Jason Morrison, that seemed a bit silly.  Contact me and you can be the first.

What’s the inspiration for this?

The story on the project home page is true – I really did think of this idea way back in 2001 when I registered this domain.  But I was probably inspired a bit by one of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut.  In the novel Slapstick (actually not his best) the president enacts a plan to create extended families by giving everyone a random middle name.  Hopefully this project won’t be too granfalloonous.

Another related idea is Project Steve.

Are you really Jason Morrison?  How close do I have to be to count as one?

Okay, you caught me.  My full name is Patrick Jason Morrison, but I’ve gone by my middle name my whole life. Accordingly, we’re not real sticklers here, just so long as you can reasonably claim to have been called Jason Morrison at some point in your life.  Spelling variations are also fair game.  So “Jayson Morison” is cool, but “Jay Morris” is too much of a stretch.

Are these questions really asked frequently?

Of course not, now everyone reads the FAQ.

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