The Jason Morrison Dot Net Project

About the Project

Temple of Apollo and AcrocorinthMy name is Jason Morrison. If your name is Jason Morrison too, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this project is to find all the Jason Morrisons in the world, ask them five questions, and build a social network of Jason Morrisons.

If you’d like to take part, please contact me.

All participants will have their location and occupation posted (you can be as vague about these as you want) along with their answers to the Five Questions (see below). You’ll also be able to join the Jason Morrison groups on popular social networking sites. Read the FAQ for more details.

History of the Jason Morrison Dot Net Project

In January of 2001 I was in my last semester of college. I had kept a small web site on my college’s servers but I needed a more permanent web home. was taken, so I picked the next best address:

I felt a little bad, though, because .net was originally supposed to be for networks. These are the nerdy sorts of things I care about. So I got an idea – why not try to find all the Jason Morrisons in the world, and make part of my site a social network of Jason Morrisons?

At that point I had to finish college. Then I got a job, then another job, then grad school. I forgot about the whole thing. Just 6 years later, though, I remembered the idea and decided to go for it.

The Five Questions

I decided to ask every Jason Morrison five questions, in addition to where they are from and what they do, resisting the urge to just copy the premise of Desert Island Discs. Mysteriously, not all of them are worded in the form of a question.

  1. Why were you named Jason Morrison?
  2. What’s one thing you are really good at, and how do you know you are good?
  3. How did you get where you are today?
  4. Pick a topic you know a bit about, that most people aren’t aware of, and explain it to us in one paragraph.
  5. What’s one thing about your grandfather you will never forget?

Are you a Jason Morrison? Please drop me a line.

Not a Jason Morrison, but you think this is a cool idea? Feel free to mention this site to your friends, on your blog, or in your publication – I need all the help I can get spreading the word to reach any and all Jason Morrisons.

The list of Jasons:

  1. A graphic artist and web designer from Atlanta, Georgia 

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