Interview 1

Our very first Jason Morrison is a graphic artist and web designer. You can see some of his photography and some of his artwork. How did he get to be listed as the official Jason Morrison number 1? He was the first to respond. That kind of drive and ambition explains much of the success of Jason Morrisons all over the world.

1. Why were you named Jason Morrison?

Good question. At the time I was born, Jason was the most popular name for a boy, so I am rather sure that had something to do with. Really had no choice in the last name. ;-)

2. What’s one thing you are really good at, and how do you know you are good?

If I asked my wife, she would more than likely say my art or my general creative side. Not only have I been involved with anything artistic as far back as I can recall, I now rely on that ability to bring in a paycheck.

3. How did you get where you are today?

Faith, determination, stubbornness, and a great wife.

4. Pick a topic you know a bit about, that most people aren’t aware of, and explain it to us in one paragraph.

The key to your zombie defense plan is to not limit yourself to one, but many, developed by mock scenario planning. Placing all of your effort into one or even just a few plans will not allow you to survive the undead apocalypse. Having access to supplies, weapons, and effective short range communication will allow you to not only protect yourself but your family, friends, and love ones.

5. What’s one thing about your grandfather you will never forget?

His love for the outdoors. He was never found inside. Even when it was raining he was in the carport working on something, but rarely would he be found sitting around.

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