The first Jason in the Jason Morrison Dot Net Project

Years ago, before social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook were all the rage, I registered this domain name for my resume and portfolio. At the time I the .com was taken so I chose instead. But my resume is not much of a network, so I thought – why not make a network of all the world’s Jason Morrisons?

The project has officially now begun with the addition of Jason Morrison 1, a graphic artist and web designer from Atlanta Georgia. Follow that link to read his answer to five questions or check out his blog.

One thought on “The first Jason in the Jason Morrison Dot Net Project

  1. Ever since I bought the domain, I’ve always wanted to create a “Brendan Cullen Global Registry.”

    I’m always getting submissions through my contact form from people looking for other (imposter) Brendan Cullens out there, figured it be kind of cool to be able to point them somewhere that had a bunch of us listed.

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