The Cleveland Web Standards Association, Helvetica, and videoconferencing

If you are a web developer or designer in the Cleveland area, I highly recommend dropping by the Cleveland Web Standards Association meetings. They just launched a new website, including a great aggregation of local web development blogs.

I started going to meetings last year and I have to say it’s a great group of people that host some really interesting discussions and speakers. And I’m not just saying that because they let me give a presentation a few months ago.

At the last meeting Eric Meyer took some photos – one makes me look really important:

CWSA Afterchat

In the other, it looks like I dozed off in the middle of the discussion:

CWSA Afterchat

Oh well. The group screened the film Helvetica, which is the best movie I’ve ever seen about a typeface. I’d recommend it for anyone who has an interest in design, typography, or even 20th-century history.

Since I’ve moved out of town I won’t be able to make it to too many meetings in person. I want to set up videoconferencing, anyone have any recommendations for web cams, software, or services? I’m looking for something that is extremely easy to use, since my parents want to be able to do video calls too. I’ve heard some good things about Skype. Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “The Cleveland Web Standards Association, Helvetica, and videoconferencing

  1. I’ve been chatting with my parents on iChat since it was in beta. We’re still using it, and now I use the “screeen sharing” (VNC) feature to help them configure things remotely.

    However if you’re not on a Mac or are using mixed platforms, I’ve also found both Skype and SightSpeed to be pretty easy.

  2. Jason, you’re going to missed. I hope we can figure out a way to conference you in. At least, a way in which you will actually be able to see and hear what is going on. :)

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