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Conference Ad Fail

I saw this ad in Reader:

From Screenshots and random things

I read a lot of tech blogs, so it’s not that it isn’t targeted. But the thought of 200,000 lines of payment processing code, when PayPal is taking care of all the credit card stuff already, makes me queasy.

For anyone reading my blog who isn’t a programmer, imagine an ad like this:

“Hungry for a hotdog? Get access to over 200,000 pounds of hotdog buns. And learn how to use it.”

If I was in the market for payment processing, an ad that offered a few really useful, secure APIs would be a lot more enticing.

Giving a Talk on Fighting Site Abuse at the NAGW National Conference

DSC_0724 I’ll be traveling to St. Louis this week for the National Association of Government Webmasters 2010 Conference. I’m giving a presentation there on Fighting Site Abuse with Webmaster Tools. It should be fun – I have a lot of info to share and some (hopefully) interesting demos to show everyone along the way.

I’m also very excited to talk to as many webmasters of government sites as possible over the course of the conference. We try to serve everyone who builds and maintains websites but I worry that we hear more from SEO-knowledgeable commercial sites than government, non-profit, and small business sites. I can’t wait to get more perspectives on how Google can help them, what their major challenges are, and even what their goals are in building sites. If you’re going to be there, feel free to chat with me.

If you can’t make it to St. Louis this week, and aren’t a webmaster for a government site, no worries – much of my material comes from Google Help Center articles and Webmaster Central blog posts that you can read right now:

On a personal note, it will be great to get back to the midwest again.