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Making geeky baby Halloween costumes

Baby Picard costumeI’m on paternity leave with my 5-month-old, Finn. Halloween is coming soon, and while thinking about costumes I noticed that Finn’s hair was starting to fill in. I realized that this was my last chance to take advantage of his relative baldness for costume purposes.

So, over the past couple weeks I’ve been working on a fun project to photograph my kid in as many geeky costumes as I can before we hit Halloween. Or before his hair grows too much. Whichever comes first.

The rules I’ve set for myself are:

1. Bald or nearly-bald fictional characters only. The geekier the better.
2. No spending any serious amount of money each costume.
3. No spending any serious time on each costume.

Here are the ones I’ve done so far:

1. Avatar Aang:

Avatar Aang baby costume

2. Captain Picard:

Captain Picard baby costume

3. Krillin from Dragon Ball Z:

Krillin Dragon Ball Z baby costume

4. Professor Xavier from the X-Men:

Professor Xavier X-Men baby costume

5. Charlie Brown:

Charlie Brown baby costume

6. Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD:

Nick Fury Avengers baby costume

7. Morpheus from The Matrix:

Morpheus Matrix baby costume

8. Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen:

Dr. Manhattan Watchmen baby costume

9. Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element:

Korben Dallas Fifth Element baby costume


These were all put together pretty quickly, and as I get time I’ll try to create some tutorials on how. Mostly I’ve been using double-sided fabric tape, onesies, cheap kid T-shirts, and post-it notes.

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