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California Reporting

State Project: California

Compiled by Jason Morrison

The following pages provide a wealth of information about California. It is the end result of a large internet research project I completed as part of the course Information Literacy: the News and the Net at Ohio Wesleyan University.

This project should provide a fairly good digest of sources of information about the state available online. My reasons for placing this online are twofold: First, to provide anyone seeking information on California or another state (many of the sites I used could be used for other states as well) some guidance and suggestions. Secondly, because I think completing a 50+ page, 30+ hour project about the web and then printing it out and not posting it online is ludicrous.

Part I — information about california.com, .gov, .edu, etc.

Part II — state facts

Part III — federal government resources

Part IV — other resources

I apologize for the length and unwieldy nature of the pages, I converted them directly from the assigned format directly to html. All information is carefully sourced–all commentary not cited is my own. Please feel free to site this page in a project you’re working on, but if you are looking for state facts I would suggest going directly to the sources I have listed.