Choosing the Best Baby Name is Hard on your Server

We reproduce, you decide! We’ve hit well over 2000 votes on our baby name survey, and so far my blog has held up well (thank you, WP Super Cache). The traffic has been enough at times to slow the Google Docs form and graphs. To get slightly back on track for this blog, here’s a quick usability lesson – as a form becomes less responsive to users, double- and triple-submissions will increase.

Votes have been coming from all sorts of interesting places:

  • Many, many Googlers contributed votes. Obviously I can’t link to any internal company discussion, but I can assure you it was equal parts amusing, helpful, and nerdly. I had a fun time explaining all the programming jokes to Ann, particularly why we won’t be naming the baby after little Bobby Tables. Wysz supplied the very first votes, for Erin and Isaac.
  • For some international perspective, The Telegraph wrote about the survey in their “How About That?” column. If anyone has a copy of today’s print edition, I’d love to see if the story made it’s way on to dead trees, given my former journalistic predilections. I really got a kick of the headline, “Google man asks Internet to name his baby” – now that I’ve been publicly outed as Google Man, I’ll need to start wearing my cape to work.

If I’ve missed any, please add them in the comments below. And if you’re having trouble voting or seeing the charts and graphs, try again a little later – I think I my use of Docs and Spreadsheets is somewhere between “statistical outlier” and “abusive” at this point.

12 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Baby Name is Hard on your Server

  1. Ha! Google Man! That rocks.

    I’ll make sure everyone in the CWSA knows that is how you are to be addressed from now on. Maybe you should get a big jeweled ring for us to kiss when we kneel before you to go with your cape. They’re all the rage these days. :)

  2. Glad the caching plugin helped in some way! I noticed from the html comments that you probably don’t have the supercache part of the plugin activated. That’d help even more.

    Oh, and grab the latest version, it’s even faster!

  3. I’ve seen this new on the alternative and free spanish newspaper called 20 Minutos at =>

    So as you see, you’re famous all around the globe! hahaha!
    I hope you find the name for the kid, and enjoy the crazy stuff some of us, internet voyagers & google users are entering in your poll. I’m sure at least you’ll have fun, or do some reflections on names’s possibilities.

  4. i can’t write in english… but you can call him…”michele”…a beautiful name in ITALY…( name..ghghgh) ciao

  5. For a boy, Valery diminutive Val or Matisse diminutive Mat.
    For a girl, Martelle diminutive Martie or Frederique diminutive Fred.
    In Europe one takes first names of the USA why not take the European one in the state.

  6. Yeah, Sydney Morning Herald newsletter was where I came across this and I thought what a hoot! :) Can’t wait to hear what name gets chosen in the end! :)

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