How Geeky is your Taste in Music?

You can tell you're in Silicon Valley when Borders has a A while back I created a group on for Geek Music. Geek music isn’t a real genre, but it seemed to me that geeks were fairly passionate about their music and might have some similar favorites. I’m not just talking about genre stuff like math rock, nerdcore rap, or heaven forbid, filk. What do programmers listen to when they program? What do bookworms listen to when they read?

Well, we have the answer. And now that we have some numbers, we might as well see some analysis.

So, how geeky are your musical tastes? Click here to find out.

I clocked in at 83.82% geeky. That’s pretty good – can you beat me? Either way, post your score in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “How Geeky is your Taste in Music?

  1. 64.83% for me

    Not sure why Jay Chou and Chinese music was considered non-geeky. Think of all those studious children in Beijing children practicing arithmetic tables while listening to his music.

  2. Seriously, I don’t agree at all that any kind of music can be classified as geeky or not. Geeks may have a lot of common points but certainly not the music !

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