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Artwork blur how-to motion photoshop technique tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial: Turn Any Car Into a Speed Demon

It started when my wife and I were following my brother to his place from a wedding. After looking through some photos I got bored and snapped some shots of his car. As you can see, not the most exciting picture in the world.

Original photo

But what if I could make it into the most exciting picture in the world? With the power of Photoshop, anything is possible.

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Brecksville Metropark Series

Brecksville Metropark Series

These pieces were completed Jan-Feb 2001, my senior year at OWU. For source material I used photographs I’ve taken over the years in Brecksville Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Many of these were attempts to reconcile stone textures with water surfaces, though I also played with colors to try to make them more satisfying on their own.