No Baby News, Yet

I was hoping to have some exciting news about the newest addition to the Morrison family (as well as the subject of our huge internet baby name poll). Unfortunately the baby has it’s own plans and schedule. In the mean time, I thought I’d point out a couple of interesting Google-related articles and ask a question:

  • Google voice search is out for the iPhone, although for some reason it’s not at the App Store yet. Once it’s out, all you’ll need to do is load the app and say what you’re looking for, and Google will find it for you. Very cool. And some reporters are pointing out how cool it is that Google is still developing apps for other platforms while we have our own, the Android operating system seen on the G1.
  • Some sports and political figures in Argentina are suing to stop search engines from returning results for their names. That’s right – if you want to know anything about Diego Maradona, your search will return nothing but a message about a court order. This is, of course, a ridiculously backward take on copyright and publicity rights that flies in the face of logic and freedom of speech. Imagine going to a library and demanding they find and scissors-out every reference to Babe Ruth. I love Argentina, but any legal system that would let this sort of thing go on is pathetic.

And finally, here’s my question:

  • What the best way to send out a massive email to about 1,000 people? So many of the voters in the poll included their email address that I’m wondering if a gigantic CC: list is the way to go. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “No Baby News, Yet

  1. I really really hope that by CC you mean BCC.

    You could set up a mailing list with Google Groups, although I think people would have to opt-in to it so perhaps that’s not suitable for a one-off message. If you use Gmail, you may have to live without your account for a day if you send to too many people, but hey, a day of freedom from email might be nice for you and the fam.

  2. A BCC list with more than 500 addresses in it will be flagged as spam, most likely. If you plan to make contact with that list on a regular basis, you could choose a service like Campaign Monitor for that kind of task. If you only plan to let them know the name and thank them for participating in the poll (a one time thing), you could try out a service that is LIKE Campaign Monitor, but is not Campaign Monitor using a 30 day trial just to send the thank you. :)

    I think Campaign Monitor has a 500 address limit for their free trial. I may be mistaken on that.

  3. I second Campaign Monitor, like Bridget said a BCC: list that large won’t make it too far.

    1000 addresses through Campaign Monitor will set you back a whopping $15, 1 cent per person + $5.

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